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Celebrate Mother’s Day

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Mothers do a lot for the family, often times without any recognition and praise. For Mother’s Day this year, treat her to what she deserves! In this week’s Sunset Palms Blog, we’ve got a few suggestions on how you can give your mother a Mother’s Day experience she deserves! On May 12, put yourself aside and focus on showing your mother that you love and appreciate her for the things that she’s done for you!

Write a Card

Writing a card may seem a little simple, but it can be a quaint way of expressing your love for your mother through words. Whether you’re getting a card from a store or if you’re going the extra mile and producing a handmade card, what matters is the words you write in it! We recommend expressing thanks or sharing your favorite anecdote of your mother! It’s preferable to give it to her in person, but the point is that she receives it and can witness how much you care.

Send her Flowers

Flowers are a beautiful gift to give to your mother on Mother’s Day. Find out your mother’s favorite flowers then sneakily order some to be delivered to her! Along with the delivery, you can include a little card expressing your gratitude. Mother’s Day is in spring, which makes it the perfect time to get her flowers.

Treat Her to a Meal

If you live close to your parents, take some time during the week to surprise your mother by taking her to lunch or dinner! Treat her to her favorite restaurant or show her your cooking skills by making a delicious meal. If you aren’t as lucky to live by your parents, you can always surprise your mother by showing up on Mother’s Day to take her out to the meal she deserves. If you’re planning on doing so, make sure you communicate with someone who knows your mother’s schedule to ensure that she’ll be available.


Whether you use these tips or not, your mother deserves to be pampered. Share with our Hollywood, FL apartment community some of your favorite ways to show your mother you care!