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Photography Tips

someone taking a photo with a nice digital camera

Did you know that June 29th is Camera Day? Even if you’re not a photographer by profession, you can celebrate Camera Day by taking some photos and understanding more about how to take better photographs! In this week’s Sunset Palms Blog, we’ve got a few tips for how you can improve your photography skills and make the most of celebrating Camera Day here in Hollywood, FL! It’s time to get out of your apartment and shoot some amazing photographs.


If you’ve ever looked at photographs you like, it may be difficult to distinguish what makes them so appealing to you. Part of the appeal is composition. The way the photograph is framed can make a difference between a bad photograph and a good one. But how do you frame a photo? Becoming a master at composition takes time and practice, but you can always rely on the Rule of Thirds! There is no set rule to composition, necessarily, but there are more pleasing ways to frame a photo. Keep at it and find what works for you!


Playing around with lighting can give your photos a different, unique look. When taking photographs, consider the amount of light you’re shooting in, and how the light hits your subject. The amount of light you’re taking photographs in can affect how exposed your final product is, which is to say how light or dark your photo can turn out. If you have a DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera, there are ways you can tweak your settings to compensate for the lack of or excess in light, but you generally want to ensure that the lighting conditions are favorable. On the other hand, how the light hits your subject can affect the mood of your finished product. To get started with practicing with lighting, we suggest taking photographs during the Golden Hour, which are the periods shortly after sunrise and shortly before sunset.  


Once you’ve taken some photographs, it’s time to start editing! Many choose to opt out of this step, but editing can take your photos to the next level. Through editing software like photoshop, you’re able to remove imperfections and edit the lighting conditions and highlight different aspects of your photo. It takes time to understand how different editing elements affect your finished product, so take lots of photos and play around with them in your editing software!