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Picnic Ideas

a full picnic all set up on a picnic blanket

The weather is a little warmer than during the winter months, which makes it a good time to get out of your Hollywood, FL apartment and enjoy the warmer weather! In this week’s Sunset Palms Blog, we’ll share with you some ways you can make your picnics more enjoyable and make the most of your time outside.

Pack the Essentials

The feeling of being at a picnic and finding out that you’ve missed something crucial is one of the worst feelings to have. To combat this, we suggest making a checklist and running through it the day or night before your picnic. Essentials of a picnic can include but are not limited to:

  • A picnic blanket

  • Bug spray

  • Utensils (for serving and eating)

  • Napkins

  • Cups and plates

  • Condiments

  • Drinks

  • Food

Simple Foods

Many mommy and food bloggers have popularized the idea of a fancy picnic, but sometimes, it’s just not practical to have such. We recommend opting for more simple foods like sandwiches, salad, chips and dip, and chocolate chip cookies. Not only will simple food cut down on your preparation time, you’ll also be able to have a more enjoyable time if you aren’t fussing around with complex picnic dishes.


Once you’ve eaten, you may want to have some activities to do, especially if you’re with others and children. There are plenty of things to do, but some of our favorites are playing around with a soccer ball or football, having a water balloon fight (if the weather is warm enough), or just spending the day laying out in the sun, enjoying the lovely weather. If you’re inviting friends, ask them to bring their favorite activity or even portable musical instruments for an impromptu jam session!


We hope you enjoyed these tips, If you’ve got any crucial tips that we’ve missed, let us know by leaving a comment!