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Summer Workout Tips

a man and a woman running on treadmills in the gym

It’s never too late to work on your beach body, especially here in Hollywood, FL, even though the summer is winding down. Though getting fit is the aesthetic goal for the summer, it improves your overall health and can extend your lifespan. To help you get motivated or continue on your fitness journey, we’ll share some things to keep in mind when hitting the gym in this week’s Sunset Palms Blog. 

Lift Heavy

The most popular thing to do when going to the gym or exercising is getting in a cardiovascular workout, but we recommend not limiting yourself to just that. Lifting weights helps you get stronger and can provide you with a good cardiovascular workout if you’re maintaining a good routine. Although it can be tempting to gauge your performance on how many repetitions you do, but we want to advise you that proper form while lifting will be a greater benefit to you than lifting a ton of reps. Lifting heavy can be a little dangerous when you don’t know how much weight you can handle, so be careful and start low and work your way up!

Be Consistent

When you’re getting into working out or wanting to maintain your current momentum, we recommend doing your best to be consistent! Even though you may not be lifting very heavy or going very hard at the gym, the consistency at the gym will help you see better results. For some, consistency may mean 4-5 times a week, but the consistency that matters is ensuring that you’re going to the gym or exercising through the year. 


There’s more to working out than being consistent, especially if you’re wanting to maintain your motivation. There’s nothing more miserable than being on a roll at the gym then straining something. In order to keep yourself healthy and going to the gym through the year, we recommend resting, and we don’t just mean between sets. Give your body time to rest so it can recover. Doing so will allow your muscles to recover, helping you stave off unwanted injury. 

Whether you’re exercising at a gym or at home in your apartment, we hope these tips help you reach your fitness goals!