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Suspenseful TV Shows Perfect for October

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After decorating your Hollywood, FL apartment with Halloween decorations, you can further get into the Halloween spirit by watching some suspenseful TV shows! In this week’s Sunset Palms Blog, we’ve got a few suggestions of suspenseful TV shows that will get your blood pumping just in time for October 31st.



What do you do when your dad hunts supernatural beings and then goes missing? Follow in his footsteps, of course. Join Sam and Dean Winchester as they search for their father and hunt down creatures like vampires, ghosts, and demons. Will they be able to find their father or will they succumb to the supernatural beasts? Find out by watching today! Brace yourself for the paranormal and supernatural with this 13-season-and-counting series!



If you loved the Scream movies by Wes Craven, you’re going to enjoy this TV series adaptation! This series brings the slasher theme into the modern day by covering cyber-bullying as the catalyst for murders. Find out what happens when Emma Duval becomes the center of a murderer’s obsession and as she seeks to find out who the killer is.


American Horror Story

The stories in this series are loosely based on true events, so it’s the perfect way to get into the Halloween mood. Each season is its own mini series, detailing different characters and events, so there’s always diversity when you’re binging on this show. Get ready for suspense and thrills when you watch it. There are only seven seasons, so pace yourself!


These shows are meant to be suspenseful, and may be too much for some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised. Find these shows on Netflix and watch them through the rest of October to get you ready for Halloween! If you have any suggestions for our apartment community, leave a comment for us!