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Take Care of Your Car

soap and sponge on the hood of a car

If you’re commuting for work, you’re likely to have a car. Because you’re using your car so often, you should take care of it to keep it in good working order as well as to keep it clean. In this week’s Sunset Palms Blog, we’ve got a few tips and tricks for you to try when you clean your car. Take advantage of the warm summer weather here in Hollywood, FL to get out of your apartment and make your vehicle sparkle!



Much like your apartment, clutter can make your car appear dirty and unkempt. Do yourself a favor and remove any items from your car that don’t have a place in it, those items can include but are not limited to trash, clothes, and miscellaneous items. Once these unnecessary items are removed, you’ll be able to see a clear difference that you’ll want to keep!


If you’re having trouble staying organized, consider investing in a trunk organizer to place your car essentials in. This way, the items you need won’t be laying around on the floor of your car but will be neatly placed in an easy to reach area.   


Wash the Exterior

Once the interior of your car is clean, it’s time to make sure the outside is clean as well. Because your car is exposed to the elements, it’s likely that it will need a deep clean. Use car soap and microfiber towels to get your cleaning started. Remember to wash from the top down. This allows for gravity to aid you in pulling the dirt and grime down to the ground and reduces the chance that stray pieces of rock or dirt will scratch the paint on your precious vehicle. Giving your car a wash will give your car new life and make it look great!  


Take it to a Mechanic

With the interior and exterior clean, you’re going to want to make sure that your car is running properly. Taking it to a mechanic can help you to pinpoint any issues that your car may be experiencing. Use this as an opportunity to refill fluids, change tires and ensure that your car is running at peak performance.