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Things to Do Before Summer Ends

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How did we find ourselves at the end of summer already? September is almost here, which means the relief of cooler weather is on its way. Have you done all you planned to do during the warmer months? If you haven’t, you may want to take advantage of the remaining days. To help you do so, we’re going to share some things you should check off your summer list if you haven’t done them yet! Enjoy this week’s Sunset Palms Blog!

Take a Dip

If there’s one thing that will eventually happen, its that there will be  more hot days before the summer ends here in Hollywood, FL. Instead of staying at home in your air conditioned apartment, we suggest going out, finding a swimmable body of water and take a dip! Invite some friends to go with you and make sure you have a blast. Don’t forget to bring some sunscreen, water, and food to go along with your day out!

Try a New Restaurant

When was the last time you went to a restaurant that you hadn’t ever been to before? It’s normal to have a place that you frequent, but we urge you to try something new before the summer ends! You may be tempted to try a new restaurant of the same cuisine that you’re used to, but we suggest you try something new. You may even find a cuisine you’ll love!

Have a Bonfire 

Make some memories with your friends before the summer ends by having a roaring bonfire! Invite your friends to bring some of their favorite bonfire treats to share, musical instruments for entertainment, and enough drinks to go around. The warm summer nights coupled with the warm breeze creates the perfect environment to end your summer with. Nothing beats fun with your closest friends and family.

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