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Ways to Decorate Your Home for Halloween

Pumpkin jack-o-lantern on the window sill

If you’re having trouble getting into the spirit of Halloween, we suggest trying to decorate your home! Decorations can create a different atmosphere, allowing you to get into the Halloween mood. If you’re unsure how to do so, you’re in luck. In this week’s Sunset Palms Blog, we’ve got a few tips on how you can decorate your Hollywood, FL apartment for a Halloween party or to bring the spirit of the holiday into your home.


Exterior Decorations

Exterior decorations for an apartment can be difficult. There isn’t a lot of space, so you have to be more creative in decorating. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but you can make the most of the space you have!

Mummify Your Door

Adding door decorations is the easiest way for you to get into the mood of the spooky season. Mummify your door by getting white streamers and tape. Wrap your door with the streams in a criss-cross pattern and you’ll end up with a door straight from the grave! Remember that people will still need to go in and out of the door, so try not to cover up the door handle or the locking mechanism.      


Spruce Up the Patio

The patio is perfect for exterior Halloween decorations. You can opt for spooky decorations or mild autumn related ones, but feel free to make your patio your own! Be sure to clean it up well after!


Interior Decorations

Since you don’t have many exterior decorating options, you can spend more of your attention in making the interior great! Understanding that this is your home, and you may not necessarily enjoy seeing scary decor all over the place, we suggest being very careful in picking your decorations so you don’t scare yourself. Here are a couple suggestions:


Head in a Jar

Print off a rendering of your face or the face of someone else’s head and then laminate it for a decapitated illusion. Find a large jar, like a pickle jar, and fill it with water. Place the laminated head into the jar and add green and brown food coloring to give it a murky, pickled look.


Bloody Handprints

For these awesome window clings you’ll need Elmer’s Glue, red food coloring, blue food coloring, saran wrap, wax paper, a cutting board, and tape. Though these handprints are meant for windows, you can place them on mirrors or other surfaces! Bloody handprints are a nice and easy way to decorate for Halloween.