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YouTube Channels to Subscribe to

a woman using YouTube on her laptop

You don’t have to be tech savvy to be spending time on YouTube. The video hosting site has been around since 2005 and has grown into one of the most common ways people spend their time. You may be one of those people, so in this week’s Sunset Palms Blog, we’ve decided to share with you some YouTube channels we think you should subscribe to. We hope that you enjoy these channels the next time you’re hanging out in your Hollywood, FL apartment watching some videos!

The Bucket List Family

If you’re into travel but aren’t able to do so yourself, this channel is for you! The Bucket List Family has gained popularity with their extensive travel as a family, visiting exotic destinations and doing adventurous activities. Through their vlogs and beautifully shot videos, you get a glimpse into their life and can feel like you’re there with them. Be warned that you’ll probably develop a major case of wanderlust!

Geek & Sundry

If geeky things fit your fancy, Geek & Sundry offers you videos of geeky things galore, from playthroughs of some of the most popular boards games to VODs (Videos on Demand) of tabletop roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons and Vampire: The Masquerade. There are plenty of videos, so peruse at your leisure to find something you’ll enjoy!

Wong Fu Productions

Since YouTube is a video hosting site, it’s a hub for many storytellers and creators. Wong Fu Productions is a production company that focuses on telling various real world stories. Many of Wong Fu’s videos run for under 15 minutes, making it perfect for short breaks or for binging many videos at once.

If you spend time on YouTube, we encourage you to check these channels out! If you’ve got any channels you’d like to share with our community, leave a comment so we can check them out.